Motorcycle Group Alert!

Business Plan Direction

Career Objectives

Work for a company where my expertise, experience, customer service and sales skills will be utilized. Looking to enhance my presence to B2B interact, technical research on leading edge technology and new product development & Marketing and Entrepreneurship With continued Studies for further development.

Summary of Qualifications

Increased sales to over $1400.00 per invoice average overtaking the 400.00-700.00 with prior sales. My sales resulting from routine maintenance and sales calls was $410,000, accounting for 23% of the total sales for the department. All job coordination with all contractors and manage my crews.

Work History

Created in the State of Texas as a “C” Corporation

  • All aspects of creating and establishing the corporate structure.
  • New product research to include;
  1. Market analysis
  2. Engineering
  3. Chipsets and specific attribute studies
  4. Business Plan Established
  5. Completed an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (12 out of north Texas only)
  6. Focus on design
  7. Manufacturing procedures     

Terry's General Services, Justin, Texas
DBA Owner

Feb 01, 2005

Take incoming calls: Service, new construction often including handling multiple contractors and keep schedules. Job estimating, process orders check orders to price quotes. Oversee all workers on site with my crew and all contractors prior to calling in inspections. Check for code compliance and all company directives on site. Handle all areas of the project as the general contractor. Maintain all equipment; ensure proper orders and material counts on site.


Run a/c service calls and complete repairs. Set up sales calls. Order and process parts orders! Keep up with company van to ensure all maintenance, and repairs are kept up to date.

On call on rotating weeks!
• Constant customer contact and handling through all activities while in customer status.
• Trouble shooting all areas of failures mechanical and electronic.
• Circuit board and related parts and equipment testing, repairing ordering and replacement.
• Resolve technical issues and record the information in remedy ticket tracking system.
• Warranty handling of paperwork recording and parts change outs.
• Air Quality and preventive maintenance specialist.
• Create install folders for the work being done.
• Order all equipment and parts related to the install.
• Schedule installs.


Dallas Division-Disaster Recovery for HVAC Systems Commercial and Residential including day-to-day retail services and sales. Increased sales with the introductions of new components and services and created more value per job.

• My sales resulting from routine maintenance and sales calls to $410,000.00
• On-call on rotating weeks
• Constant customer contact and handling through all activities while in customer status.
• Trouble shooting all areas of failures mechanical and electronic.
• Circuit board and related parts and equipment testing, repairing ordering and replacement.
• Helped implement the commission structure now in use and available for all technicians.
• Resolve technical issues and record the information in remedy ticket tracking system.
• Warranty handling of paperwork recording and parts change outs.
• Air Quality and preventive maintenance specialist.
• Create install folders for the work being done.
• Order all equipment and parts related to the install.
• Schedule installs

High Voltage Inspector

3 years

Mar 09, 2006 - Jan 15, 2008

High Voltage Electrical Inspector (Co-Serv)

• Underground electrical utilities inspector to 1,000,000 KV load levels.
• Maintain information flow within the Co-Serv Project Managers and the Guy Willis Management team.
• Inspecting High Voltage Electrical Installations.
• Insure all aspects of code compliance.
• Proper termination procedures with secure connection verifications.
• Design compliance per print layouts.
• Maintain all easements per easement prints.
• Insure proper equipment and locations are followed. (GPS Locations)
• Complete all paperwork to Co-Serv Specifications!
• Update all proposed prints into actual as-built prints, notes and summaries.
• Safety Compliance in regards to proper equipment use and procedures.
• Verify all equipment lock down after energizing and final inspections

IT Help Desk, Advanced Technical Support

Apr 01, 1996 - Mar 01, 2000

Advanced Technical Support
• Promoted to Tier 2 Technical Advisor, where I worked with Network Operations to resolve network related issues and act as a mentor to tier 1 technical representatives.
• Worked to create and maintain the knowledge base, updating new finds and locating resources to assist technicians and clients with many computer problems.
• Trained entry-level technicians in processes and software/hardware issues.
• Assisted customers in resolving issues with dial-up, ISDN, software/hardware, and many OS based connectivity problems.
• Handled a wide area of support on the pay support line including all peripherals and software related issues.
• Position team to a project to structure and assist the New Distributors buying in as partners.  Developed new support tactics along with established ideas to formulate procedures needed for this sort of application. FlashNet Marketing Distributor Support Department, along with all the Flasnet Marketing Team (FMI)!

Company to host "FlashMania" Conventions at the Fort Worth Convention Center!
• As for myself, I introduced new and more convenient ways for the Distributors over the nation with face to face workgroups and Some change details for the convention as a whole (Distributors Only).


University of North Texas, Denton, Texas
3+ Years College

Jan 2012

Major: Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science – Information College

Dr. Mendez – Department Head

  • Marketing Foundations
  • Principals of Training and Development
  • Personal Development
  • Project Management
  • Principals of Leadership Empowerment and Team Building
  • Human Relations in Business Within the Education and Industry
  • Project Management
  • The Managerial Process

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Completed an Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (12 out of north Texas only) 2012.

 Heating & A/C Technology
Texas State Technical College

Sep 06, 1994 - Sep 04, 1995

Residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning with troubleshooting and installation. Welding (high Temp silver) Heat loads, Low voltage controls and high voltage controls. Low and high voltage installation and requirements. Circuit board testing

Air Crew Egress Systems
US Air Force

Feb 11, 1977 - Sep 29, 1978

Ejection Systems including all ballistics in system to remove crew from aircraft by ejection the occupants including cockpit removal from aircraft. On call including the alert aircraft area!  Held a flight line Drivers licenses and a Secret security Clearance!

Occupational License or Certification

HVAC - Certified Technician Certification

Texas, Justin, Texas

Refrigerant/Recovery Certification


Life, Accident, Health and HMO License

State of Texas, Justin, Texas

  • Accounting Software (Peachtree, Quickbooks, etc)
  • EMail Software (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc)
  • Graphics or Drawing Software (Photoshop, etc)
  • Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
  • Networking or Lan Software (Cisco, etc)
  • Peripheral Devices (Scanners, Printers, etc)
  • Presentation Software (PowerPoint)
  • Spreadsheet Software (Calc, Excel, etc)
  • Utility Software (Virus, File Compression, etc)
  • Word Processing Software (Word, WordPerfect, etc)

Additional Computer SkillsSoftware:
DNS, DHCP, SMTP, TCP/IP, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Window’s 7, Office 1998-2010, Internet Explorer, Ghosting Software, Outlook Express, Word, Excel, Computer/Simulator Lab software, Install operating systems and educational.

Since 2009, Terry Tedford discovered a need for a device that can improve the communication within motorcycle riding groups and with improved communication, improve safety. Through a series of events that were witnessed while out on rides, it became clear that a need exists but there is no solution. T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. has developed that solution through Motorcycle Group Alert™. Motorcycle Group Alert™ is a patent pending touchscreen electronic device, which once mounted on the handlebars of every bike in the group, will allow every group member to visually receive warnings and alerts. This is superior to any current method, but not intrusive. T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. contends that motorcyclists do not want to chat with one another, but they do want to know when there is a pothole up ahead, and they don’t want to be left behind when they break down unexpectedly. This is the function of Motorcycle Group Alert™. Safety is the objective.

As mentioned above, the opportunity with Motorcycle Group Alert™ is to fulfill a need in safety that exists in the group motorcycle riding market. Since information flows through groups, often at an incredibly quick pace, T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. will use this phenomenon to its advantage. Once the value of the product is recognized by a few individuals in a group, the excitement will spread to other members of the group. Additionally, many riders ride with more than one group. This provides opportunity for cross-group seeding of the idea. Motorcyclists love recommendations from other riders. This phenomenon will not be difficult to propagate.

Motorcyclists congregate a few times each year at major motorcycle rallies. These present T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. an opportunity to educate bikers about the product, and demonstrate the benefits as well. Since initial sales of Motorcycle Group Alert™ will be online via a well-known motorcycle accessory website, the exposure will be international immediately. Through marketing campaigns aligned with this website, and other online presences, knowledge of the product will be disseminated. At the bike rallies customers will have an opportunity to put their hands on the product and run it through its paces. They will also have an opportunity to purchase the unit at the rally.

Trade shows are historically a good venue for information dissemination. T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. will take advantage of numerous opportunities to attend such shows. With good educational materials onsite, this will provide excellent exposure of Motorcycle Group Alert™.

The target market is all motorcyclists that participate in group rides. As of 2010 this segment made up 15 percent of the total motorcycle riding market with a historical trend of 6.6 percent annual increase. Projecting the numbers along the trend line provides an estimate of 1.4 million riders in our segment (9.3 million in the total motorcycle market) in 2012. With rising fuel cost and consumers’ drive to improve their fuel economy, the trend on the total market is expected to continue its annual increase of 6.6 percent. We find, however, the target market will not increase at the same rate because there is no affirmable correlation between purchasing a motorcycle for fuel efficiency and riding in group rides. But, some new market entrants are likely to enter our target market as they adopt their new lifestyle of riding on two wheels.

The competitive advantage of Motorcycle Group Alert™ is the focus and improvement on safety. There are many motorcycle accessories available to consumers, and there are many accessories that claim they improve safety. However, none use an active communication process employed by our product. This is not a communication device for leisure communications, such as a VHF headset, or cell phone. This is an alert device that provides user defined safety alerts to everyone in a group. Bikers do not want to be intrusively interrupted from their communion with the open road. They do, however, want to know when there is trouble ahead, or a member of the group is having trouble behind. Motorcycle Group Alert™ is not intrusive – it is safety!

The goal of T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. is to provide motorcycle riders with a product that enhances the safety of their ride. As we went to different motorcycle events in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and talked about this need in the safety of group riding, we discovered agreement and quick acceptance of our proposed solution. This correlates with intuitive recognition that Motorcycle Group Alert™ is going to improve safety. The market is viable, and the customers are willing to pay.

T.L. Tedford Enterprises, Inc. runs on a model that does not internalize much of its total operation. This considerably reduces the required investment in capital assets. Additionally, many key business functions are outsourced, which reduces the expense of these functions because high-cost employees will not have to be maintained. Because of this reduction in fixed and variable costs, we are able to offer Motorcycle Group Alert™ at a price that will attract the entire target market and provide a very reasonable 48.6 percent gross margin.

The five-year plan includes development of enhanced products and options for the device. As Motorcycle Group Alert™ advances, the profits will increase, and equity investments will become more valuable. The end game is to sell Motorcycle Group Alert™ to a larger communications company such as Garmin or TomTom, or motorcycle company such as Honda or Harley Davidson.
Motorcycle Group Alert!  
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